The BEST keyboard for typing

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Re: The BEST keyboard for typing


Cherry just released the G80-3000LXCEU-2 in Europe, and you won't be able to out-type it. My parents were typesetters in the 70's, and I remember "Really Good" keyboards. This is the first keyboard in the last 10 years that has felt really good to me. ...and I mean...Really Good! They have light-touch mechanical keyswitches in them which until now were not available in their standard keyboards. I think I'm going to order a pile of them so I'm not stuck without a good keyboard for the rest of my life like I have over the last decade with the new membrane keyboards that should have never been created except as toys for children.

I type very quickly and was using the G80-3000 until I received a G80-3000LXCEU-2 yesterday. Unbelievable. I got mine from Europe through a tip from a friend...I don't think the new part number is listed anywhere in the US yet. They just now came out.

(Don't bother with the G81-3000's - they use membrane keyswitches and, although they're better than most other membrane keyboards, all membrane keyboards feel like cheap cr@p to me.)


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