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Re: A simpler digital camera

Anastigmat wrote:

KL Matt wrote:

Have you read the OP's post? His sister obviously doesn't want
program mode or she wouldn't be asking for a digital ME.

There is almost no chance of a digital ME Super,

Ahh, forgot about your omniscience there for a second...

I think you would never personally want to have this camera we're talking about, but unfortunately instead of being able to say "that's nothing for me" you feel it necessary to condemn the entire idea of it along with anyone not fully satisfied with what you happen to prefer.

I think those who want a simpler digital camera merely want to avoid

Now that's mighty presumptuous. I set up my own home ethernet by building and configuring a linux router from an old 386 that boots from a floppy. I do all my own PC maintenance and can even write simple programs. All of this I learned just for the fun of it. I know every single setting on my *istDS by heart by now. So I am neither averse to learning nor am I technically illiterate.

But I would dearly love a back-to-basics camera that never ever forced me to avert my gaze from my subject to look at an LCD screen again when shooting. I want to be able to feel the settings I need with my hands and save my eyes for what I'm trying to photograph. I want every dial to have an end point that I can feel, so I can crank the dial all the way to either end stop and count the clicks back to where I need to be. Without ever even glancing away from my subject, I'll know what settings I have, instantly. With a thumb dial, that's just not possible - there's no end stop! The camera should be instinctive, intuitive, and in time become an extension of me. These DSLRs today, they're just not like that at all. Even the very convenient Fn button is just one step too many removed from immediacy, instinctiveness, and being able to react without even thinking.

What we all miss in the cameras of the past is that they didn't require you to constantly look at them - they let you feel them and know them intimately. A whole lot of photography is about visual pleasure and experiencing and capturing the decisive moment. If in that decisive moment my gaze must be directed at an LCD screen, even for an instant, my equipment has failed me.

This isn't really only about my sister, it's for me, too. I'm sure this is what the Leica is like, and maybe I need to get one of those, but I don't have the cash for one. I could also simply spend some more time with my MX. But I love having these digital files. Pentax should make something in K-mount that does what the K1000 did, but for digital. The K100D is a good step in that direction, but it's still too complex for many, and in the grand balance of computer vs. camera, it weighs in too heavily on the side of the computer. Give us a good, solid, compact photographic tool, and leave the tweaking for the PC.


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