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Re: Oh come on!

tompabes2 wrote:

I just read that you don't actually have a sister and it's just a
thinking exercise...

First off, maybe you should've read the thread before throwing out ideas. And if you truly had read, you would've read that I do have a sister and she does want a digital ME. I just wanted people to stop thinking this was a one-off exercise.

So let me say that this thinking exercise has nothing to do with the
needs of people like the hypotetical sister you are describing:

No, this exercise is to get us past the "I have to have THAT feature or the camera is doomed" mentality. In the end, it's about three things -- aperture, shutter speed, sensor sensitivity (ISO/ASA). Everything else is convenience. I love my LPC (little Pentax cameras), but I also think a lot of what the gearheads clamor about is noise in the signal. The Leica M8 is the perfect example. Simple, elegant, capable. In ten years, Leica will be selling the same camera while N* and C* are trying to one-up each other so they can make their quarterly numbers.

I'm suggesting that our favorite camera company can compete on features with the K35D or whatever and still have a dedicated throng of really competent amateurs trotting the globe with the Pentax Whatsit (tm).

This is a thinking exercise. If you aren't up to the thinking part then just dismiss this as a bunch of nostalgic old farts and go on about your business.

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