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I agree ... You are NOT a car guy.

Leuf wrote:

Maybe my impression is off, I'm not a car guy, but to me a roadster
is more about style over substance. Sure I can't take it out in the
snow, can't drive it more than 50 miles at a time because the ride is
so rough - but I LOOK COOL driving it! So to me a roadster camera is
something that is shiny but makes my wrist hurt holding it for more
than 10 minutes, but everyone wants to know how many megapixels my
camera is!

I'd rather have a work truck camera. It gets you from A to B,
regardless of how you treat it or what you throw in it. But if you
take care of it, it will outlive you. It's not pretty, but it has a
certain charm to it when scrape all the crud off it. It does not
have A/C, but it does have an AM radio. No one notices it.


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