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Re: A simpler digital camera

Anastigmat wrote:

I think those who want a simpler digital camera merely want to avoid

Don't try interpreting people's rationales--you'll get it wrong 98% of the time. Maybe they suffer from bibliophobia. Maybe they have 7 kids and they have no time to read manuals. Maybe the manuals are translated poorly from Japanese. Maybe they just want to take pictures. Figure out what they want and why it's important to them. Then figure out if it can be done and at a profit.

I was framing the discussion in terms of my sister and that was the wrong approach to get people talking. Forget about my sister. Think about someone you know who likes your photos but when you hand the camera to them they hand it right back. Think about yourself if you can do it. If all you are interested in is bigger, better features then you probably won't find anything satisfying in this discussion. But, if you want to play along, step back from what we have today and start over. Blank slate.

We're not trying to reach "us". "Us" being the collective dorks that use three-letter-acronyms (TLAs) for things. We're trying to tap into a different bunch. Some of them are unsophisticated people who want good image quality in a small package. Some of them are like Gene and myself who want a back to basics camera to keep in touch our analog past. Some will be retro hipsters for whom the Pentax Whatsit (tm pending) will be as much a fashion accessory as a chihuahua in a purse.

Maybe the buyer will outgrow this camera some day. Then they can buy the K200D and give the Whatsit to their cousin. Twenty-five years from now, when the Goth movement has gone the way of bell-bottoms, these Gen-Y types will talk about their first real digital camera--the Pentax Whatsit.

Most cameras and computer equipment come with quick start instructions.

Hmmm, they must've left that book out of my DS and K10D boxes, because it's no where to be found.

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