A simpler digital camera

Started Nov 1, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Marketable edge ...

would be that it's (1) smaller, (2) and therefore lighter, (3) simpler, and (4) less expensive.

Brad99 wrote:

I basically agree with the need for a dead simple DSLR, but no one
would buy it unless it had a marketable 'edge' over the competition
(K100D, D40 etc). I think that edge could be superior quality images
made easy by bundling it with a prime AF lens instead of a low
quality zoom. Doesn't have to be a f1.4 or anything, something like
35mm at f2.8 would be fine. The f2.8 would sell it. Oh, and it
would need a powerful AF assist light and good auto WB but cut out
anything else that makes it harder to use for the uninterested in
gizmos people.


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