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Re: Same here...

Daddy Dan wrote:

Why don't you advise your sister to keep her DL on full auto and snap

That's not the point - you may as well use a p&s if you do that, other than the sensor quality. The point is that there should be a market among people who already know how to use an SLR for a digital ME, i.e. a camera on which you adjust shutter speed and aperture, and not much else.

I mostly do what someone else suggested - I ignore most of the bells and whistles and basically treat my K100 as a digital K1000. I've recently made the effort to figure out some of the doo-dahs, and I'll admit I was mildly impressed with how the built-in flash worked for fill light, once I remembered I could dial down its power, but I would happily live without them if I could get something like my K1000 or ME Super except digital.

My K100 spends most of its time in M, and I prefer to focus manually too, even on AF lenses. There's very little point in most of the rest of the doo-dahs, even if I do know how to use them (sort of).


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