Equipment for Safari?

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Re: More great advice and another ?

You don't need as long reach in South Africa as in Tanzania or Kenya as more in the bush there

400mm is usually long enough in SA, whereas 500-600mm is more needed in Eastern Africa.

These are generalities and of course depends on your shooting, but generally speaking you don't need the big teles in South Africa unless really going for birds, very close-in shots, etc.


Chuck In NC wrote:

I like the part about sitting back and taking it all in versus being
obsessed with getting images. At the end of the day, I'm not a
wildlife photographer and don't expect to become one, so a few cool
shots would make me happy. I also appreciate the comments about
including the landscape. I was actually just thinking how close I
could get, but the landscape idea sounds more interesting in the end.

I'll be in Krueger, in the Sabi Sands Private Reserve. I really
don't know what to expect from this area, but the pictures I've seen
make it seem like the bush is pretty thick.

I am taking plenty of batteries and CF cards. My budget only allowed
me to get one PSD for the trip and I really don't want to take my
laptop. So I'm just going to have to be extra careful. I realize
this is less than ideal, but at the end of the day, these are
vacation photos.

This advice on lens use is really helpful. I think I'll take along
the 50 1.4, since it is so small and light. But it sounds like zooms
are going to be my best option while on safari.

So which lens on which camera...that is the debate I have with myself
at the moment. The high ISO IQ of the 5D leads me to think that I
really should put the zoom lens on that camera so that I can use
higher shutter speeds.

Here's another question. Everyone has mentioned the dust. And
someone here "taped" a lens. I'm not sure what that means, but what
are some ideas for limiting the problems this dust can cause. I have
already decided that I won't change lenses when out in the bush. Not
sure what else I can do.

Also, does anybody have advice on the easiest way to carry two
cameras at the same time.


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