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Re: Canon and Nikon to blame for lack of innovation in DSLRs

chuxter wrote:

I think when nawknai said, "So really, all time is is clicks of the
scroll-wheel, or lines on the exposure display bar" that he was
saying that "clicks" makes as much (or more) sense than "stops" does.
He was equating sensitivity, aperture, and exposure time to the
physical thing that controls them...we formerly had "stops" on
lenses...we now have "clicks" on cameras. That's an interesting
perspective and exactly what I wanted posters in this thread to

But how many clicks does it take to stop action?
How many clicks to prevent too much motion blur on someone dancing?
Clicks are meaningless w/o a knowledge of where you are at.

If you can't figure out that 1/100th lets in 2x the amount of light as 1/200th you should put your camera in "P" mode, or what ever auto mode you camera has and don't worry about anything at all.

He said this a few posts back

"It doesn't really even have to be expressed in seconds, milliseconds, or time at all.......only in time relative to each other. After all, that's really what we're used to anyway."

And again....yes it does. If I want a long exposure...I want to know how long it is.

Maybe I want 10 seconds to shoot fireworks, maybe I want 2 seconds to shoot flowing water.

Maybe I want 1/8000th a second to stop as much movement as possible.

Maybe I want to shoot 1/60th a second, and use a flash to help stop motion, while maintaining proper exposure of the background.

To say knowing the amount of time is not needed is laughable.

Maybe for Ma' and Pa' Kettle, this would be a good idea....all you need is the "shaky camera" symbol and they know they need a few more "clicks" to stop little Jimmy's T-Ball swing!

There is a reason why things like Av and Tv and M exist when dealing with controlling exposure.

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