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Re: The EVIL Camera Design Project update...

RickWells wrote:

While it's interesting to read about, I can't for the life of me
understand why anyone would really want an EVF over an optical
viewfinder. I don't care how good they end up making them, and from
my experience, they have a LONG way to go, I just don't see how it
could ever match the clarity of an actual SLR optical viewfinder. I
don't get the fasination with EVF, I really don't.

Another poster said (I'll paraphrase) "sometimes it's necessary to give up one feature to get others". I don't, and I doubt that ANYBODY objects to the view through a great pentaprism VF with a really fast lens (like the classic 50mm f/1.4). We are NOT objecting to the view...we are allowing ourselves to forego that pleasure in order to get some things we like...and we conclude that the tradeoff is a good one, ie, that having a pixelated, slow image is not the best, but it is OK in order to get the other things we like:


And the EVF gives us a DIFFERENT image. Instead of seeing what your eyes do, you see what the camera does. You can see the effects of WB and exposure. You have real-time histograms (in the VF) can get visual indications of blown highlights (in the VF).

The EVF allows us to project all the other information necessary right on top of the image...and remove it with a button push.

The EVF allows us to "chimp" w/o being obvious. It is probably better to say, "The EVF allows us to review pix without "chimping." The EVF allows us to review pix quickly...and go on to take more pix. The EVF allows us to review pix in bright ambient conditions.

Getting rid of the mirror box opens up the possibility of using wonderful short-back-focus lenses!

Somethings persist simply because they work better.

Yes, and...

Somethings persist in spite of not working better. A few examples:

The reluctance of the USA to fully convert to the metric system.
The past reluctance to convert to radial tires.
The reluctance of some photographers to convert to digital photography (still!)
The reluctance of some voting districts/precincts to convert to digital voting
The reluctance of the USA to drop the stupid "Electoral College"
The reluctance to adopt hybrid vehicles
The reluctance of some photographers to embrace post processing

My point is that just because all the ants are there doesn't prove that it's a good picnic spot!

Somethings persist because some humans don't like change, especially when it appears to invalidate a personal choice that has become a "religion".

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