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B-Stock policy

I worked for Sony for a couple of years. The policy of Sony US (not sure if policy or law, actually) was that once a product left the building, it was considered SOLD, and even if returned from the truck, a dealer, or in any fashion, and even if the box was still factory sealed, it was marked and considered B stock. It was sold at discount to employees and though Sony outlet stores clearly marked as B Stock and with full factory warranty, same as new. Cosmetic blemishes were not covered, in case these were trade show or loaner units that in fact had been opened and used (or not) and then fully factory checked.

I would hope that Canon follows the same procedure, although since their camera boxes are not sealed in any way, there is no way to tell if it has been opened repaired or returned from a customer to the store and then resold.

I would suggest to Canon that they take on the same Policy the Sony had when I worked there, and mark ANY camera that comes back into the building, for whatever reason as B stock, and re-sold as such, or "crushed" (written off for tax purposes with proof to the gov that the product has been destroyed, in many cases physically "crushed" and videotaped).

I wonder what their current policy is?

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