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Re: A simpler digital camera

Eric C in OK wrote:

My sister has been photographing as long as I have. I got her a *ist
DL but she's barely used it. We were at a party last night and she
had her camera to take shots of people in their costumes. She just
couldn't get the hang of it. She said she just wants her old ME Super
as a digital. She has a good eye for composition, but she doesn't
have the patience to learn what all the dials, buttons, and menus do.

The ME Super does not have program or shutter priority exposure. It is doubtful any new DSLR cameras can be sold without these exposure modes. The DL is almost as simple as the ME Super, with a minimum number of dials and buttons, compared to the *ist D or K10D. Even if one were to use a fixed lens compact digital, there will always be a number of buttons and dials or else the set up options will be buried deep in the menu system. Most DSLR cameras are pretty user friendly. Just put the camera in program mode and push the shutter button. How hard can that be?

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