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That's why it needs a P mode ...

McSpin wrote:

This wouldn't meet your sister's needs, but I'd buy a dslr that had a
light meter, a great viewfinder with a split screen focus and a
shutter speed dial. I'd attach my manual lenses and be happy as hell.

Me too. For me, the camera won't even need to take pictures in JPEG mode.

I might even like mirror lockup, and I could probably even be talked
into a full frame sensor, for the better viewfinder, but that would
ruin the cost benefit. With the current 6 mp sensor, this camera
would be dirt cheap to produce.

That's what I was thinking.

I'm afraid there aren't many people who like to take pictures like me
and it wouldn't sell. Your sister would hate it.

That's why there should be P mode or Green mode or whatever you want to call it.... think of it as a "Stupid Mode." Having a simple JPEG capability + P mode will increase the pool of potential buyers.



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