A simpler digital camera

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Eric C in OK
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Re: A simpler digital camera

Leo wrote:

You can set her camera to your suggested spec in few minutes. Why you
have not done this yet?

Hi Leo,

I don't have a sister. This is a thinking exercise.

With all the speculation about the cool new camera and how it will beat Canon and Nikon (not to mention Sony) in the race, it's important to step back and think about what we are doing here. Are we interested in gear or photography. It's fine to think about gear and that's what the forums have been full of for months.

There is a very real segment of the market that doesn't need BlueTooth(sm) file transfers or the program line. They want to take photos without fighting with the camera. If Pentax wants to compete in the market, they should think about what got them here. One of the things that worked was simple, effective cameras at a very competitive price point.

Oh, and I lied. I have a sister. She still has her ME Super and she has no intention of giving it up. She composes better photos than I do, but I have a better finished product.


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