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Re: Canon and Nikon to blame for lack of innovation in DSLRs

Ominous wrote:

nawknai wrote:

I think doing away with ISO is a good idea. You could use a
normalized "Sensitivity" system, as you suggested yourself.


ISO - International Organization for Standardization

It is a why change it?!?!?

It's a standard used for film, and was thought up a long long time ago. This project doesn't seem to be about making something familiar to you. It's about looking at the current way cameras are designed, and whether ancient standards serve any real purpose.

If someone asked you, "What's the difference between ISO 200 and ISO 800?", what would your answer be? It would probably be something like, "ISO is how we measure the sensitivity of the film or sensor used in the camera. ISO 800 is called '2 stops' faster than ISO 200, which basically means ISO 800 is 4x more sensitive than ISO 200."

Even if you were to explain the difference to someone, you would need to explain it in terms of sensitivity (ie: "4 times" more sensitive), so why not express it in terms of sensitivity? It's clearly a better way of thinking about it if that's how you'd need to explain it.

That's why the OP wants to banish it from his camera. It's smart, and it actually makes a lot of sense.

Uhh so if you want to stop action, you don't think you might want to
know what your shutter speed is?

Why do you need to know the time in seconds, whether it's expressed in fractions or decimals? The only reason you like them is because you're familiar with them. It's not really convenient to deal with things. At what shutter speed will give you 1 1/2 EV more light than when set at 1/640 seconds? On my Nikon, it's 3 clicks of my scroll wheel if set to 0.5 EV adjustments, because without a calculator, I honestly don't know (nor do I care). You just want around 3x more light, or the little line on the exposure display in your viewfinder to line up to an appropriate position.

So really, all time is is clicks of the scroll-wheel, or lines on the exposure display bar.

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