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I agree with the concept ...

I agree with the concept of something Small, Simple, and Light camera.

My idea is basically something like a K1000 with a P mode. Simple to operate and usable for both beginners as well as those technically proficient.

The idea is a camera that RECORDS pictures, not a computer the PROCESSES pictures. So, I agree that any "fun" or "interesting" features that deals with picture processing after it's taken can be gone ... and thereby make the menus much simpler.

So, I would differ with you in the following aspects:

1. Price: For something so simple, $399 is too much. I think the street price target should be under $300.... more like $250~290. After all, K110D goes for a bit over $300 now days. So, under $300 might be achievable.

2. Features:

a. Autopic mode: Why have autopic modes when there is P mode? So, I'd get rid of these. For the advanced user, keep Av, Tv, M, and B mode. and for beginners, P or Green mode should do it.

b. Built in Flash: I agree that this can go. K1000 didn't have it and it was fine. I almost never use built in flash in my cameras. How often do you use it? Even when my wife takes pictures, it's almost never. Perhaps a couple of times out of 1,000 shots? That's less than 0.5% of my shots where I benefit from the built in flash or where my wife -- total novice -- benefits from it.

Instead, the 6 meg pixel sensor with higher ISO and less noise will be much more beneficial.

c. Hot shoe with TTL/P-TTL mode. 1/180s sync speed should be minimum.

d. RAW + JPEG (sRGB only) mode. But as Asad said, I'd keep the JPEG mode for the beginners. BUT, I'd make the JPEG mode NOT adjustable, i.e., if someone wants "bright" or "sharp" JPEG, do it in a computer rather than in a camera. (Also, if you want a picture in Adobe RGB mode, you're probably the type that's shooting in RAW anyway.... so, the choice is not very needed in JPEG.) I'm sure it's much better to do it in a computer anyway. Furthermore, the user will need to down load the pictures to a computer anyway.

The key is to make a SIMPLE.... very SIMPLE program for fiddling with the JPEG images for the beginners. I wouldn't even bother with providing a RAW conversion program. After all, those that shoot RAW are likely to use some 3rd party software anyway ... such as Photoshop. Or there are some free ones too, e.g., Picasa, that anyone can get.

e. SR & SDM -- yup. don't need those either for a K1000 type of a camera.

f. FPS: 3 for RAW and 5 for JPEG: This should be plenty for this type of a camera. After all, when you were shooting with your K1000, did you lament the fact that you couldn't have an auto winder for it?

g. Power source: Yup. AA + CRV3.

h. Size: For a Simple camera like this, it has to be small and light. That's why I think SR & SDM can go. ist DS was a good size. But I thin it can be smaller. I think K1000 is smaller ... though wider b/c of the film.

i. LCD: Yes, a camera is not a big screen TV. 2" is enough, especially when you have simplified control & menu.

j. WB: This control might be necessary b/c of JPEG shooters, but to keep it simple, I'd get rid of the WB control and make everything auto. RAW shooters are not going to care b/c it doesn't matter. JPEG shooters who are used to P&S cameras won't know the difference anyway.

k. Features to be included:
(1) Drive button from *ist D,
(2) AE lock button + 2 (front and back) e-dials.

(3) ISO control should be on the dial like *ist D or be done via OK button + front e-dial like K10D ... not in a menu like *ist DS.
(4) Meter control lever like *ist D or K10D.
(5) Info button, Trash button, Play button.

(6) Focus mode selector: I think focus can be simplified by a slider near the lens mount ... like ZX-5n, rather than having the 4 way controller. But then again, the 4 way controller may still be needed to access the menu (for setting things like the time/date, format the memory card.

(7) PC Sync terminal and Remote connector like *ist D. At least the remote connector like K10D.

l. Things to get rid of:
(1) USB connector
(2) power connector,
(3) Built in flash - mentioned above already
(4) Various JPEG menus - explained already

(5) All other bells and whistles that can be done very well in a computer rather than on a camera.

Again, a camera is for TAKING PICTURES. Use a computer if you want to process pictures.

I really hope someone would create a camera just for taking pictures WELL. Don't need WiFi, internet access, MP3 player, etc etc.

That's my 5 cents.



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