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Re: A simpler digital camera

Laurens wrote:

An interesting question is: Why could she not get the hang of it?

Stubbornness and nothing else. But that doesn't mean that she's not in a valid market segment. I may be referring to my sister, but I'm also referring to others who want more than a point and shoot in terms of image quality, but don't want to wade through pages of very poorly written manuals. Unless you are suggesting that your camera manual is well-written...

If there are enough people out there like my sister, then why not design a camera for them? She knows photography (the part about light striking a sensor/film), and how to deal with the stuff that matters (DoF, panning, etc.), she just doesn't get stuff like "exposure compensation" and "focus points".

By "design a camera" I'm specifically saying don't just tell them to "ignore the features" on their camera, because they won't. It's truly "design a camera" as in "put some thought to it". Look at the iPod to see what a simple design can do. We had portable MP3 players before the iPod, but they all required people like me to get them attached and loaded with music. It took someone looking at the problem in terms of making it simpler to use to make Stevie Jobs richer than god.

From what you descrive, the target market is: (photographically)
technically proficient and beginner (in the digital sense) - that
is not an economically viable market segment.

Says whom? You see nothing is broken, but you hang around here with people like yourself (and me). We know what's going on with our doodads and thingamabobs, but the hoi polloi do not. Most of them can't get 12:00 to stop flashing on their VCR. And they have VCRs, not TiVos. Just because they can't figure out the gee-whiz features doesn't mean they can't take good photographs. It's the "get back to the stuff that matters" idea.

For 50 bucks more most ppl will want built in flash, extra pic modes,
multiple AF points, mirror lock-up/prefire and burst mode...

It's not about money. The Zune is cheaper than the iPod and has more features. I have both. The Zune sux. Even my daughter, who is 4, will take the iPod any time and she's more tech-savvy than her 50-something aunt.

imo, of course ;),

Noted. I'm not taking it personal.

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