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I've been thinking along the same lines but with a slight difference. Here's what I think should be a great little camera for cheap, from Pentax.

Essentially a digital MZ-M (but with a metal lens mount!!)

  • No SDM capability, but basic AF, 3-point ala DL/DL2

  • No SR - savings in cost of manufacture and space, heat generated.

  • Body and top-panel controls like the MZ series, eg MZ-5/5n, MZ-M, MZ-3 etc.

  • Digital controls, like the DS/DL/K100x.

  • 6MP Sony sensor - dirt cheap by now.

  • No pop-up flash but TTL/P-TTL capable hotshoe, TTL will allow use of cheap flashes.

  • No FPS but 3 shot RAW, 5 shot JPG buffer

  • Bright penta-mirror like the K100D

  • 2" preview LCD; smaller size saves space, power and cost.

  • AA power source. Cheap and abundant!

  • RAW and JPG, initially I thought only RAW to make the circuit-board in the camera even cheaper to manufacture... but having no JPGs will take the fun out of the camera for many people, so it should have this choice.

  • Scene modes in abundance but basic PATM modes as well. Manual only will make it not such a hot seller for a big segment of potential buyers.

Grey silver with less numbers of black cameras thrown in to spice things up. I'd buy one of these in a heartbeat.

Not too sure about the price, but somewhere between 299 and 399 to start.

Of course this will kill the K100D/Super, but by that time they should also introduce a 10MP version of that.

My 2c.

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