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Re: A simpler digital camera

Eric C in OK wrote:

She said she just wants her old ME Super
as a digital. She has a good eye for composition, but she doesn't
have the patience to learn what all the dials, buttons, and menus do.

An interesting question is: Why could she not get the hang of it? What was preventing her from using the camera an an ME Super? The lack of an aperture ring?

The marketing collateral would have to be designed to show that it's
been designed for simplicity and image quality, rather than features
(i.e. "the camera for the rest of us"). Otherwise the gadget-heads at
Best Buy or Ritz would screw up the pitch to the customer. It can be
argued that "simplicity" is a point and shoot, but I know a lot of
people who know enough about photography to know f-stops and shutter
speeds, but don't want to learn all that those of us here know. They
want the image quality of the SLR, but they don't want to learn what
all those buttons and dials do.

So, you dont have to use most of them... The ME didnt have red eye flash reduction, so you dont have to go into the menu to change that either...

From what you descrive, the target market is: (photographically) technically proficient and beginner (in the digital sense) - that is not an economically viable market segment.

For 50 bucks more most ppl will want built in flash, extra pic modes, multiple AF points, mirror lock-up/prefire and burst mode...

So, here's my spec sheet...

  • $399US Retail list price, street price around $250US

  • Built on *ist DL frame (6MP sensor, AA/CRV3 batteries) or smaller

  • Av, Tv, M, B, P, Autopict modes only

  • K-mount support for MF, AF and AE

  • One AF point (center)

  • No pop-up flash

  • Hotshoe supports TTL and P-TTL, 1/60 to 1/180 sync speed

  • No mirror lockup

  • No burst mode

  • No SR

  • Radically simplified menu and functions

  • No in-camera processing (sepia, rotation, etc.)

  • No output options other than SD card (PictBridge, TV out, USB


Feel free to throw in your €0.02 if you think that I'm not completely
off base here...

I think it's a misguided idea, because many of the 'benefits' could be attained by merely ignoring current functions.

imo, of course ;),

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