TZ3 Dilemma

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TZ3 Dilemma


I know the latest craze on this forum is FZ18, but after a lot of thinking, I took the dive into TZ3, received it yesterday - finally a 10x camera that fits in the pocket. I am very proud.

However, soon, I was disappointed to see the results. I do not think I got a lemon (got from, because it is still decent. Here are my concerns, and I would like some feedback because I have visited some of the TZ3 galleries, that are stunning (not sure if you guys did PP on it)

1) Pictures are not that sharp. I took several pictures - they just do not stick out that sharp.
2) In Portrait mode, pictures are dark even with flash. I have maxed ISO to 400

3) Since TZ3 does not have A-priority, I thought Portrait mode would give nice depth of field when taking portraits, but it does not, the background is still clear.
4) A lot of pictues come out dark even though the flash fires.

Some other general questions and comments

1) I believe everybody eventually gets prints on 4x6 paper, do you recommend I set the format to 3x2 instead of 4x3?

2) You can pause a movie clip and take a snapshot from it. Is the quality same as taking a regular picture? I have not tried it, so I do not know

Finally, what I like -
1) Really love the form factor. 10x in such a small package! Mindblowing.

2) Instant preview by pressing the down arrow. I thought you have to turn the dial to play everytime.
3) Scene modes. Really a point and shoot camera.
4) Easy navigation menu system.
5) Travel date system. No wonder they called it 'Travel Zoom 3'

I know this camera is capable of more, and I am sure I am doing something wrong to get these results. Please guide me to any links that you are aware for tips on getting the best of my TZ3. Any comments and advise for me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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