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Re: Canon and Nikon to blame for lack of innovation in DSLRs

I think doing away with ISO is a good idea. You could use a normalized "Sensitivity" system, as you suggested yourself. Just say Sensitivity = 1.0 is the base ISO of the camera. Or you could say Sensitivity = 1.0 is equivalent to ISO 100 or ISO 200. After all, it doesn't really matter what the base "ISO" sensitivity is. The only reason you may want to keep Sensitivity = 1.0 = ISO 100 is because you may want to make cameras comparable. Beyond base sensitivity you can use Sensitivity = 1, 2, 3, 4, ..., ...32. I guess this would be the same as ISO 3200 if your base line is equivalent to ISO 100. You don't even need decimal values. Thinking in binary isn't natural. We've just learned to think this way because that's the system in place. It doesn't mean it's the most natural or anything, and it's easy for some to relearn.

If your exposure level in the viewfinder is 2x too sensitive, just adjust the Sensitivity to another number, or maybe even the shutter speed. It doesn't really even have to be expressed in seconds, milliseconds, or time at all.......only in time relative to each other. After all, that's really what we're used to anyway.

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