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Hi Paula

I am currently looking at getting some software developed for our small / medium sized school photography company for shooting teathered.

I am looking at getting a simple solution that allows the photographer to select the destination folder very swiftly.

Once shooting, they will (hopefully) be able to tag their photos with one of five options and have an audio confirmation from the computer.

This software will be aimed at having the photographer control the camera, and the computer act as a slave.

The idea is that the photographer has a USB (or possibly bluetooth) keypad by their tripod as they shoot, and the coomputer is about arm's reach in front of them.

You might want to look into two existing software companies :


This firm specialises in wireless communications, but has a custom software facility.
Unless you are pretty techie, then the wireless part may be pretty tricky.

They are currently looking into adding a wired option for our company at the moment.

This firm specialises in applying processes and tone curves to the RAW Files.

This one does not (yet) have the option of having the photogrpaher control the camea with the shutter while teathered.

Two possible new developments and coming up.

With the Nikon D3 there is a new wireless unit, which also will have a network cable socket, which would eliminate most of the wireless problems.

This probably will not be as fast as the USB connection, but combined with the Pixagent software this should be very reliable.

Also, as the Pixagent is network infrastructure rather than USB based, you ought to be able to have several photographers shooting teathered to once computer at the same time, by actually teathering them (or wirelessly teathering them) to a network router rather than direct to one PC.

Secondly, there is new software being released with the D3 and free for the first 300,000 buyers.

I have not got my hands on the D3 (Surprise Surprise - I am 35th in line with my UK supplier) and I have not got my hands on the new software.
However, both are worth looking into.

PS Sorry for the long winded reply.

PPS Thanks to the people who passed me most of the above information on my recent post about the same subject.

Feel free to contact me at : bruce@nextgenschoolphotography.co.uk

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