The EVIL Camera Design Project update...

Started Oct 30, 2007 | Discussions thread
Jonathan Demarais Veteran Member • Posts: 3,607
Canon and Nikon to blame for lack of innovation in DSLRs

BJN wrote:

Little Actual Merit Effort. It's interesting to see a garage effort
at product design, although I could do without the obsessive detail
(a summary page would be nice for those who don't want to wade
through it al).

There are so many problems with the concept I won't bother listing
those I see. Instead I'll thank you for at least keeping the idea of
an compact camera innovation alive even as camera makers are too
timid to offer anything fresh on their own.

You can lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of Nikon and Canon. THEY are the ones who were too chicken to deviate from the DSLR (SLR) design scheme. Their cameras are such carbon copies of old film shooters you might as well look for space in the left hand side to put film into them.

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