NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Re: Estimated "Street" price from NEC..

PicOne wrote:
A number of outfits (Amazon, Buy, Provantage) sell for less than the
$1299 quoted by NEC's own site. However, it is odd/strange that
there are also resellers with much higher prices -- who are either
not up to speed with keeping their sites updated, or are just trying
to rip off unsuspecting folks..

amikoenig wrote:

Many people try and throw around these artifically low, or "special"
prices for the NEC 2690 when the street price is really $1600. The
Planar is is widely available from reputable dealers in the $850-$925
range. Why pay $750 more for the same thing?

I think it's that the $1300 versions are just the LCD2690WUXi, where as when you pay closer to $1500~1600 you're getting the LCD2690WUXi-SV, which comes with Spectraview and a colorimeter (NEC co-branded GretagMacbeth, I think). Of course, some stores will sell a non-SV model for $1600, so just avoid them.

Also, I don't think the Planar pivots to portrait... Maybe not a big deal to most, but pivoting could be handy for editing portrait-aspect photos.

I skimmed through a review of the Planar PX2611W just now... Don't know how reliable the source* was, but it didn't get a very good review.

(,1697,2193631,00.asp )

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