Arms are Folded, Wallet is Closed, I'm Waiting

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Kevin Krows Contributing Member • Posts: 639
Arms are Folded, Wallet is Closed, I'm Waiting

The issue over the 1D Mark III is like trying to deal with a teenager who's trying to hide something and/or lacks common sense.

Please excuse me but how does Canon expect to continue any kind of relationship with working professionals when they behave as they do.... saying nothing and then recalling bodies. Folks, there may be a problem with the sub-mirror but that doesn't mean the fix is absolute.

Any body been to Dave Black's web site. A higly resected photographer who's been TESTING THE NEW NIKON FOR ALMOST 3.... THAT'S RIGHT..... THREE MONTHS!!!!

Who did the field testing for Canon on the 1D Mark III three months before release??? Did they just set the camera on a tripod, set it to ISO 100 f/18 1/60th foucesd manually and said "Test Complete!"???

Canon...let me offer my services (along with many other's) who earn their living shooting Friday Night Light Football games, basketball games in gyms with wood bleachers and Mercury Vapor lighting and summer baseball games with temps 100+ with bright sunny skys. The 1D Mark III is not a studio camera!!! It's supposed to be a photojournalist camera with the abiity to produce outstanding images under some of the worst conditions.

I sticking with my three 1D Mark IIN bodies which continue to perform well enough to keep my clients happy. Canon has a lot of work to do to earn my trust and money upgrading every three years or so.

I generally don't post messages like this but my wife and my dog have no clue what I'm talking about. I'm not jumping to Nikon ... I'm just sitting here waiting, arms folded, with my WALLET CLOSED. It works pretty well with my kids ... I'm hoping it will work with Canon.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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Kevin Krows

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