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Easy answer..

I remember my old keytronic.. they stopped making those.. really too bad.

I've went through A LOT of keyboards until then trying to find one I liked 'as well' as my old Keytronic.. not necessarily one that felt the same. More.. it had to still feel good by the time I wore the numbers off the keys.. I type a lot..

For the longest time I was using IBM USB laptop replacement keyboards with included touchpad. At $99 these were the best I could come up with.. used them for years. Finally I got tired of replacing them every six months.. despite a year warranty.. it still requires action to send them in and replace them. So.. I looked.. and looked.. for something else.

Finally I settled on the Logitech diNovo keyboard with touchdisc. It's a BlueTooth keyboard that comes with a USB dongle, plug it in and it instantly works without any software necessary. Install the software and all of a sudden it's totally customizable, does great things like touch volume sliding, magnifying, and much more.. and of course the touchdisc. The touchdisc is ok for navigating the cursor, perhaps adequate for a straight text/surfing work.. but I ended up buying the matching MX revolution wireless mouse to compliment it.

What I ended up with is simply the best input device combination I've ever had period. The diNove is expensive at $199 list.. and the MX isn't cheap at $99 list.. The keyboard required some getting used to.. but it simply has the best feel going.. period. It also allows customization which is really helpful for my uses. After a year all the keys are worn smooth, no more letters, and its' still going strong. Not even a sign of impending failure. Battery charges last well over 30 days and did I say I use it a lot? Yep, A LOT..

It's thin, it's light, it's extremely solid and well's perfect for sitting on my lap at any distance I desire from they computer.. I've went two rooms away, typed in a page.. and it worked perfectly. There were a couple keys I'd accidently hit (like the sleep key) when picking it up.. but the software enabled me to disable those specific keys. WONDERFUL!!! Well worth $200 and that's a lot for a keyboard.

The mouse is near perfection. I highly recommend it to anyone. The standard programming works great for web browsiing, everything including zoom is at your fingertips, and page turning, etc.. right there.. You can program it for each program you use it for.. making it extremely useful for each individual program you use it for. I used to use my Intous3 6x9 graphics tablet for most things, now I only use it when I must for graphic tablet needs.. the VX is that useful.

It's VERY high quality in it's build and feel, just as the keyboard is. My only nit is that the batteries only stay charged for 3-5 days.. so I've got to remember to drop it in it's nice cradle to charge for a few hours every few days. Note: It's wireless but not BT.. why? I suppose because having two BT input devices active on the same computer at the same time would be problematic. I loved the mouse so much I bought the VX revolution notebook mouse for my notebook. I love it so much I can't decide if I'd give up it's reduced feature set on my laptop for it's smaller size.. but I digress. I also like that the VX takes a single AA battery that seems to last me for at least four months now.. two of those months at six hours per day of use.. still going strong. It's nice not having to remember to charge it, well worth keeping a pack of AA's in the drawer.. it wouldn't be if it didnt' last for months.. but it does.

Logitech's best devices.. are wonderful.. JUST WONDERFUL.. Check them out.


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