The BEST keyboard for typing

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Re: The BEST keyboard for typing

I was in a search for a keyboard to use with my laptop. I wanted just a simple, inexpensive, smallish, corded keyboard. I looked at Logitech, Microsoft and Keytronic. Most were large, with extra keys (e.g. multimedia stuff), expensive ($50+), or cordless (I don't want to deal with batteries... being green). I thought I found one with Logitech. But when I got it home, I realized that the Insert/Delete/Home/End/PageUp/PageDown keys were rotated from a 3x2 to a 2x3 orientation. I returned it. I then did a search and thought I found one with Kensington via mail order. When I got it it was a great heavy feel. But... Doh! Again I didn't look carefully enough and those same 6 keys, though oriented correctly, had PrintScreen/ScrollLock/PauseBreak immediately above it and the arrow keys immediately below. I had a hard time using it, as I couldn't easily find those 6 keys. Plus, since I use other computers with different key structure, it was very frustrating.

Then one day I was using a Dell desktop and realized that I should just order from Dell. I found the keyboard online and ordered it (Part #310-8038) and should arrive this Friday. If it's similar to the one on the desktop, it'll be a bit on the light side, but I prefer that then one with wacky key placement.

Moral of the story? Look carefully at what you buy. Make sure it's what you want.


Earthlight wrote:

So, if you type a lot, what's your choice?

Logitech? Microsoft? Labtec? Keytronic? Which model and why?

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