The EVIL Camera Design Project update...

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Re: The EVIL Camera Design Project update...

Thanks for sharing! Great approach. I like your radically innovative thinking, your thoroughness and the whole spirit of your effort! And yes, I am interested in future EVF cameras along the lines you show.

I have not read everything yet and certainly have not fully understood all issues involved with the concept.

I would love to see your prototype materialize as finished product:

  • in terms of design, function and optical systems I would like it to appear as Leica X1 @ USD 1990,-

  • in terms of sheer design and user-friendliness I would like to see it as an Apple "iPhot" @ 1599,-

  • in terms of sensor technology and as Canon user with EF and EF-S lenses I would like to see it as a Canon EOS 1X @ 1299,-

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