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Re: f/8 and 1/800sec...

I do not like 1/n numbers, although I am used to exposure times being quoted that way through my 30 years of photographic experience.

I would prefer the exposure time to be quoted in decimal format, but based on milliseconds as base unit (not seconds!) and rounded to 2 decimals for display in the viewfinder. The camera istself will of course continue to use as many decimals as needed/feasible for prescision.

60s would show as "60000"
10s would show as "10000"
1s would show as "1000"
1/10s would show as "100"
1/30s would show as "33.33"
1/60s would show as "16.67"
1/100s would show as "10"
1/125s would show as "8"
1/200s would show as "5"
1/500s would show as "2"
1/1000s would show as "1"
1/2000s would show as "0.5"
1/4000s would show as "0.25"
1/8000s would show as "0.13"

And yes: use of decimal point or comma is user-selectable.

so now, where's the problem?

After all, even wall street did away with teenies. 1/8, 1/16 etc. and changed to decimal format.

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