Another Great G7/CHDK Benefit!

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ISO 400 & 800 Series~~1 MB Image~~

Divalent wrote:

So at 1/60, 400/800 ISO you found auto to be worse than OFF (and on)?

Upon re-examination, 400 ISO AUTO & ON are very close (sorry for the mis information...too many photos and not enough time), but Auto seems to have the slight edge, Off, however, is the best in all. Here is capture of both 800 & 400 ISO sets. It's rather wide:

OFF/ON/AUTO (as seen in tilte bars).
Top Row: 400 ISO
Bottom Row: 800 ISO

It's worth noting that the above image was captured using Vista's Snip Tool, so additional artifacts may be present (although it looks much the same to my eye).

We do agree that ON is bad.

Yes, ON is bad, but in some cases (higher ISOs), AUTO is significantly worse, as you can (hopefully) see in the 800 ISO series.

But the "NR" is not supposed to be active at 1/60 of a second, so in
that case AUTO should be equivalent to OFF. Your result suggests
that (unlike what I found in my S3 at 800) it did do the DF
subtraction in AUTO mode.

Auto seems prone to introducing artifacts, noise, whatever into the image, at least under the right circumstances.

However, one variable is flash. I wonder if that has anything to do
it, and if so, WHY? Another variable is the camera model.

(My 1/60 shots at 800 were with the aperture wide open and focusing
on a lit table lamp, so I was able to get a decent shot without flash)

I'll try flash tomorrow. Could you try flashless at 1/60 (at 800)?
(Again, in my hands, AUTO=OFF > ON under these conditions). This is

I may not have the time to take the images tommorow, but I'll try. By thursday if not.


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