Another Great G7/CHDK Benefit!

Started Oct 28, 2007 | Discussions thread
Divalent Forum Member • Posts: 99

So at 1/60, 400/800 ISO you found auto to be worse than OFF (and on)?

We do agree that ON is bad.

But the "NR" is not supposed to be active at 1/60 of a second, so in that case AUTO should be equivalent to OFF. Your result suggests that (unlike what I found in my S3 at 800) it did do the DF subtraction in AUTO mode.

However, one variable is flash. I wonder if that has anything to do it, and if so, WHY? Another variable is the camera model.

(My 1/60 shots at 800 were with the aperture wide open and focusing on a lit table lamp, so I was able to get a decent shot without flash)

I'll try flash tomorrow. Could you try flashless at 1/60 (at 800)? (Again, in my hands, AUTO=OFF > ON under these conditions). This is curious.



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