Another Great G7/CHDK Benefit!

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Re: I tested myself in an S3. It makes sense now.

Hi Divalent,

Since my last post to this thread, I also have done further testing. My test shots, however, used flash since I have been unable to stop during the daylight hours for the past few days.

At any rate, I took several series of OFF/ON/AUTO shots at different ISOs all from a tripod, all from the same composition, all flash, all 5.6 Av, 1/60 Tv, EV=0, IS off.

800/400/200/100 ISO: all OFF/ON/AUTO sets were compared only withinin same ISO group.

800/400 were easily dinstinguishable. OFF in each ISO was the clear winner. Surprisingly, AUTO was the loser in these groups.

At 200 ISO, the difference becomes less pronounced, but AUTO has a very, very slight edge. Slight enough to have gone either way. ON is the loser.

At ISO 100, AUTO & OFF are indistinguishable. ON is the loser.

Thus, setting this to OFF is probably best for most applications (and
setting it to ON seems foolish), but for 98% of the shots we take
(faster than 1/3 sec exposure), the OFF setting really provides no
benefit over AUTO (the native camera mode without CHDK), since the DF
subtraction won't be done anyway for those images.

Our results were somewhat different. In my tests, Auto was the absolute worst except in the higher ISOs and no better than off in the lower ISOs. Of course, I still have to take daytime shots, but the ISO 100 made it likely that in well lit shots, OFF and AUTO are virtually the same.

For me, that translates to " there is no benefit to using AUTO over Off". Unless my daytime test shots tell me differently, I see no reason not to set my G7 NR to OFF and leave it there.


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