D3 only $4750.

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Re: d3 $7354,-

Julian wrote:

DennisB wrote:

Here in the Netherlands
the D3 costs € 5100,-
thats $7354,-

Here in Sweden I have one ordered for:
47,995 SEK
which according to yahoo finance is $7,530
So Sweden seems to be the most insane...
we have 25% VAT so that mostly explains the difference.

Well, you could choose to order your D3 at the danish webshop kamerashop.dk
Here you can get it for 6141$ = 32240 Dkr.

We're paying 25% VAT, too and its inside EU and we have similar warranty of 2 years. The above mentioned shop is by far the cheapest shop in both Denmark and the normally cheaper shops in Germany, with the D3, anything else aside.

But the fact is, we europians are being bent over and done over twice in the unmentionable by Nikon, Canon and Adobe as well. And they are not the only one.

Of course the weak USdollar is not helping us, but still,

To give an example, in Denmark the cheapest shop sell of the Nikkor AF-S 200-400/4,0 VR for approx 50.000 Dkr. ~ 9525 $

If I ordered the same lens at BHphotovideo.com the pricetag would be 5227 $ including postage for Denmark. (UPS) Then I would have to pay danish VAT, 25% of the entire amount and a handling fee af around 75$ or so.
So ordering the lens from US would set me back approx 6620$.

I would only have one year of warranty instead of two but the dent in my pocket would be 2900 $ less severe.

So every time I buy a Nikon lens or camera I have to buy a small icecream too, just to dampen the hurt from my behind

But when it comes to danish social structure I can brag freely.
We have one of the absolutely strongest econymies in the world.
Our Flexicurity system allow us not to worry to much of risking unemplomentsy.

Companies are free to hire or fire at short notice within the agreements made with the workers unions.

Our healtcaresystem is financed by taxes and not of the worst kind, as well as all aspects of our education system. We even have economical support of our students, so they don't have to work but still can make a modest living. State budgets are positive, and unemploymentsy is practical close to nil. No one has to go to sleep on an empty stomach if not by own choise. We have public childcare and the beer is good, too

The average unskilled worker in Dk earns close to 50000 $ before taxes after around 30000 $ then comes VAT of 25% of all spent money.

We don't need health insurrance and we don't have to make wast savings in order to put our children through university.
Company taxes is relativly low and writeoffs plenty.
A bigmac menu is approx. 10$ VAT included.

Best regards

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