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Re: f/8 and 1/800sec...

Ed Halley wrote:

The f/8 and 1/800sec notations are not just an obsolete antique like
the pieces of eight coins. (The NYSE finally stopped following this
doubloon trivia in the late 1990s.) They're related to the fact that
Light, Aperture, Sensitivity and Time are all factors of Exposure.
L*A*S*T=E. If you halve the light, you must double one of the
others. That's why the word "stop" applies to aperture, but
colloquially also for studio strobes, ISO numbers and shutter
durations. Doubling things a lot works naturally in powers of two
(1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128...), not powers of ten.

I agree. But with digital cameras, the aperture and exposure times don't change by powers of 2 anymore. That is the part that is obsolete. One of my cameras likes to set the exposure to numbers like 1/632 sec and 1/339 sec. Since these are NOT anything close to powers of two, why not just admit that representing them as fractions is a silly hold over from the mechanical camera days. I'm just saying to do the math and say that the times are 0.001582 sec and 0.002950 sec.

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