Another Great G7/CHDK Benefit!

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Abana and others that see the effect

Could you please post the shutter speed on the image pairs where it is clear that turning the "noise reduction" OFF made a clear difference, along with the camera model? In particular, I'm looking for image pairs where the effect is clear and the shutter speed was on the order of 1/30 or faster.

I ask because (as you can read in my post below) this was thought not to be something that would have any effect on images with shutter speeds about (more or less) 1/2 sec or faster. (But perhaps turning it off also has another unanticipated effect.)

Anyway, just trying to pin this down.


Divalent wrote:

I posted a note in the CHDK thread to try to get the experts to
comment on this.

What is interesting is that you found an effect of a setting that, as
far as I can tell from the description at the CHDK Wiki, should not
be having any effect. The CHDK documentation describes this feature
as preventing the dark frame subtraction, but supposively that only
occurs with long exposures ( 0.6 sec and longer).

If that's true, why do you see a difference in images that (from how
you describe them) are taken at normal "everyday" exposure times?
(Inquiring minds want to know!)

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