The EVIL Camera Design Project update...

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Re: The EVIL Camera Design Project update...

furrycute wrote:

I wonder what kind of digital cameras are being used on those
satellites flying above our heads. Do they use a mirrorbox?

Not being an expert, I'd guess it is some type of laser system...or radar...or other distance measuring system...not what is used in current live view SLRs or P&S cameras...that are just awfully slow.

The technology is here today, it's just that nobody wants to rock the
lucrative sales traditional mirrorbox based DSLR's are commanding
these days, not to mention all the profits from those ludicrously
priced DSLR lenses.

Do you think lens prices would drop if they moved to a mirror less interchangeable system?

Ohh...and lenses have been ludicrously priced way before the dslr was out.

I would wager they would cost more at first.

Ominous wrote:

furrycute wrote:

Very interesting concept. And good work!

It's about time that we should do away with that archaic mirrorbox!

Once AF speed is increased where it is as fast as current AF system,
EVF response time is lowered, and EVF resolution is many times what
it is today....sure.

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