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d3 1600-3200 samples

Started Oct 30, 2007 | Discussions thread
OP stubryce Forum Member • Posts: 50
Re: Did you do any PP?

these pix are all jpegs, nikon who lent me the camera told me to only shoot jpegs, i understand no software can yet convert raw files, well at least software we have.

from memory 2 shots are straight jpegs, the closer shot of the girl on the piano had a 1/5 of a stop exposure increase and the shot of the guy on the piano had a 50 increase on magenta tint for color correction(if your not familiar with aperture its a say about 10-15 cc magenta)
no shots had noise reduction or sharpening
all shots were imported into aperture
cheers stu

ps i shot this for a job and only picked up the camera 10 mins before hand ie shooting wide open and and juggling the iso and shutter speed for the optimum result, in hindsight i could have tried some shots @ 6400, but who would have thought that. I think its the first time I've ever shot past 1600.

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