50mm FA f/1.4 kinda soft, bad one?

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Re: Best under f2.8

I love the 2nd picture with the flower. And Milar, I think you remember me as I keep learning the blown backgrounds from you. I love my 2nd copy of FA 50 f/1.4. And I still find it quite soft at f/2.0 but they do okay in screen resolution without cropping to see the detail like as in 100% crop. So I will try taking your suggestions to watch f/2.8 as a guideline for sharpness. I normally use f/2.0 and f/22 as my guideline for indoor pictures

And I do see some ringed light bokeh when I try this "Red" shot

  1. 1 quite circular on this one



  1. 2 hexagon instead of circle when closer to object


  1. 3 no ringed lights, but I chose this for a red competition, wish me luck in choosing this shot for composition overriding my liking of ring lighted bokeh


  1. 4 A somewhat blown background with picasa highlight and well lighted white wall



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