Another Great G7/CHDK Benefit!

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Re: Another Great G7/CHDK Benefit!

Hansixx wrote:

Hi there Abana, quite an interesting find, but aside the difference
in the upper left dark brown area, where, just as you mentioned the
noise seems less with NR off, its obvious that the file with NR on is
slightly blurred (by camera shaking).

Thus, i would be very thankful if you could post some other
comparison shoot crops.

Hi Hansixx,

Here are 3 more crops at 800 ISO. The crops may be slightly different, but all 3 images were shot from a tripod one right after the other. The IQ difference is even more pronounced at the higher ISO. The surprising thing is that (at least@800 ISO) Auto turned in the worst showing here. NR off is still significantly better. I intend to do further testing at different ISOs, focal lengths, etc., but may not be able to do so until the weekend.

The left image is NR off, the right=NR Auto:

This one is NR on:


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