Do you think it's too heavy?

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Re: Do you think it's too heavy?

I don't mind the weight of most lenses mounted on the body, it's the overall weight of all the gear combined that adds up. I shoot mostly outside and it often involves hiking, sometimes at altitude, sometimes over marshy ground, etc. I don't want to carry a bunch of heavy low-light lenses when they will be stopped down for better depth of field most of the time anyway. If every item in my kit weighs 30% less, then I can save a considerable amount overall and I will not sink as deep in the marshy or sandy ground and I can navigate trickier routes off trail than if I'm loaded down with too much gear. Another bonus is that the lenses without large maximum apertures often have just as good or better image quality.

Of course if you need the big aperature, you need it. But with the excellent high ISO performance of modern cameras I find them less and less necessary. A couple of fast primes for indoor events will go a long ways and can be left at home when not needed.
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