Another Great G7/CHDK Benefit!

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Re: Another Great G7/CHDK Benefit!

Archiver wrote:

Abana, I agree. Your post about this feature was enough to make me
test the CHDK hack, and it works. My G7's images with NR turned off
look better to me than those with it turned on, and I may even use
this as my default mode for photos.

I think the CHDK is under-rated by many who see it as just a way to shoot RAW, and was surprised that this thread didn't generate more responses, given the versatility and potential for greater IQ. I have five 2 GB cards and have the CHDK on everyone (if I have to use them in another cam or just wnat to turn it off, I merely unlock the card and the CHDK doesn't load). It is indeed a bit slower loading, but worth the wait, I think.

There is a slight inconvenience as I have to use Play to start the
camera, rather than Power, which means there is a much longer lag
time between turning it on and taking a shot. I will have to decide
what is more important to me - fast response time or better quality

I've been using the CHDK all the time since it was first ported to the G7. But the NR control is not the only reason to us it. Here is a link to another post describing the DOF calculator, which has greatly improved IQ here:

Also the RGB histogram, Zebra mode, scripting...the G7 CHDK truly and significantly advances the functionality of the camera. Add the NR control to these functions and it becomes indispensible, IMO.

Nice gallery, BTW.


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