Why not get Canon 50mm 1.2 vs Nikon 50mm 1.4

Started Oct 27, 2007 | Discussions thread
Sarge_ Forum Member • Posts: 55
FujiFilm S5 Pro?

You might like the Fuji S5 Pro. It's wonderful in low light and indoor action, and if you really want something special, look into the Zeiss lenses - manual focus, but the contrast, bokeh and overall 'look' is really something special IMO.

I don't know how Canon is doing in the low light focus dept and/or the flash synch dept. but they weren't too great in recent years - Nikon was (is?) better...

I suspect Nikon will have some new primes at some point in the next year or so to match up with the new FF sensor.

Just my .02

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