Corner sharpness: Four Thirds vs 35mm (bandwidth warning)

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Nothing's changed.

Question1: Can you produce a link to a single image at f / 1.4,
where sharp corners are a consideration. Even one.

You know, Joe, there are many situations that show up in photography
that sometimes break with the expected. Sometimes the subject (or
one of the subjects) don't end up in the center of the frame. I
don't have one of the f1.4 lenses at my disposal, but here is one at
f2.8 (wide open) with a subject in the corner. In this instance, I
should have cropped a bit anyway, but I think you'll get the idea.

I more than get the idea. For that pic, f / 2.8 on 4/3 -- the same DOF as f / 5.6 on 35mm FF -- is far from f / 1.4, don't you think? And, even then, are you going to say that the corners matter in that pic? The thumbnail is that important to the image?

The problem with your previous threads is you came with an agenda.
You played the role of a fan boy. You still are. That brings all
sorts of others wanting to defend their system. The whole thing end
in ... Well, jets just say the whole subject has filled numerous
threads. Fans of their system are entrenched and we get nowhere.

No, my problem is that people say I came in with an agenda. Link to one thread that supports that assertion. Link to a thread where I bashed 4/3. I have said, and said many a time, that FF has higher IQ. Amin's test pics prove that point to me. Did 4/3 beat the 5D in the extreme corners? You bet. Did the 5D win everywhere else? You bet.

Now, if you're arguing that those corners mean more to you than the rest of the image, then please specify that. I stand by what I've said, the FF has higher IQ, and I also stand by what I said, that the differences in those two images is so small that it doesn't mean jack for the vast majority of people.

Joe, your system isn't perfect. It isn't the perfect system for
everyone. People can choose a different system for another reason
than being a complete idiot.

Find one post where I've ever said different. Dude, do me just this one favor: at least read the conclusion of my equivalence essay:

People keep arguing with me saying I said things I never said, or implied, and saying things that I did say. For example:

Same thing applies to 4/3. There is no ideal system because all have


My issue with your previous threads is exactly that.

My issue is that I never said what I've been accused of saying. Find it, link it, post it, and I'll apologize for it if I'm wrong. But no one has ever apologized for accusing me of having said, or even implied, things I didn't say or imply.

I have an agenda: the facts. I have a theory: FF has higher IQ. The facts I've seen bear out my theory. I have a philosophy (last paragraph of the conclusion of the essay):

"The bottom line is that we use a camera to create images. It is important to understand the advantages of any particular system as a whole, both in terms of IQ and operation. By understanding the principles of equivalence, we can understand the different capabilities of different systems, and then make an informed choice as to which system best meets our personal needs."

Time to chill.

Wouldn't you get tired of people not reading what you wrote, and saying you said and implied things you never said or implied? It was time to chill long ago.

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