Corner sharpness: Four Thirds vs 35mm (bandwidth warning)

Started Oct 27, 2007 | Discussions thread
joe mama Forum Pro • Posts: 12,623
Yes, I know.

The DOF WAS the same... In the original post you notice that the e
system was at 14/5.6 while the 28 was at f-11. Based on my old OM
lenses 5.6 is 2 stops wider than 11

That's why I graciously thanked Amin for the test. I was responding to lloyd007's post above:

which I took to mean that the test would have been "better" at the same f-ratio rather than the same DOF, as many other people chided Amin for in this thread.

Why so many people ever compare corners at different DOFs is well beyond my ability to understand.

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