Another Great G7/CHDK Benefit!

Started Oct 28, 2007 | Discussions thread
OP Abana Senior Member • Posts: 1,603
Re: Another Great G7/CHDK Benefit!

Today, I took some test shots in daylight (shade) with ISO 400 using the CHDK, shooting in jpg (as before).

Last night's tests (posted above) were taken w/o flash and at ISO 400 with the NR set to on & off, respectively. My test shots today (will be posted upon request) were taken at AUTO, ON, and OFF.

While AUTO seemed to do a better job than ON, still, OFF won hands down for retaining detail and IQ. In fact, in some spots, the in cam NR seemed noisier (as was the case in the posted images). And, when running the image that had no NR through neat image, it still was significantly better than AUTO or ON.

I think this settles it for me. I'll be using the CHDK with NR OFF and performing my own NR in N.I.


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