Corner sharpness: Four Thirds vs 35mm (bandwidth warning)

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Re: Corner sharpness: Four Thirds vs 35mm (bandwidth warning)

Amin Sabet wrote:

Ominous wrote:

You can't say a lens has soft corners if the shots you are taking the
corners are simply not in focus.

If two images in a comparison have the same point of focus and the
same DOF, you cannot say the corners are out of focus in one and in
focus in the other. Furthermore, if you shoot two test chart pics at
different DOFs and then try to generalize that information to real
life situations where you want the same DOF, you will often fail.
Finally, it is known that some lenses, or even copies of the same
lens, are optimized for short subject distance versus long distance.
I find charts to be generally disappointing in predicting real

That is why you are meant to use more than one chart when testing the lens at a greater distance. ie four charts etc etc

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