Corner sharpness: Four Thirds vs 35mm (bandwidth warning)

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Re: No need to be careful -- I'll accept the results.

joe mama wrote:

Why so combative?

Yeah, well I guess I'm just feeling combative... gotta work on that.... but... I do think you have an agenda (and I'm not referring to "just the facts")

Incidentally the Tamron is not strong at 28mm in the extreme corners.
IIRC you have a test gallery with the Tamron, so I suspect you can
verify this.

Yep, I'm well aware of that. My logic for suggesting the Tamron
28-75 / 2.8 is that it's a much more common lens for use on the Canon
system, crop or FF, and still a "budget" lens. That's why I thought
your other test suggestions, the 28-105, 28-90 II, etc. were odd, as
they're unusual lenses for people to own. At least, so far as I know.

It's interesting that because the cost of 35mm digital has been high, the standard zooms most 35mm digital users have are pretty expensive. For film 35mm SLRs, I think those were both quite common lenses, with the 28-90 being the cheapy.

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