Corner sharpness: Four Thirds vs 35mm (bandwidth warning)

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Re: 4/3rds lens gives better coverage

Amin Sabet wrote:

Charles Nguyen wrote:

Also you can try to set at f10/f11 for both cameras and see which one
is sharper. I guarantee you the olymps camera is sharper,.

I will do that at some point since you and others would like to see
it. Based on my experience, I wouldn't expect the results you
guarantee. I also don't think a sharpness comparison of two
different cameras with a kit lens on one and a "random" prime on the
other is very important. If anything, I'd rather see a sharpness
comparison between two systems with the kit zoom used in both cases.
I sincerely hope this thread doesn't turn into another discussion of
matching DOF, diffraction, and all that stuff which has been
discussed so well in so many threads. You'd like to see an f11
matchup, for whatever reason, I will try to shoot one for you.

I have a tendancy to go along with your line of thought. The Zuikos generally behave about the same from open to about f8 and then diffraction will bring resolution down. We already know what the 5D does at that setting. The E410/510 won't benefit beyond, perhaps, a single stop.

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