Advice on BW printing with 2200

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Re: Advice on BW printing with 2200

The problem with the 2200 and B&W is not only the black inks, but the fact that to print the images you are using composite inks that are not very spectrally aligned. What happens is the color ink that adds density also causes color shifts in various light and by wildly differing amounts. If you print with black or grey inks only the image will be weak. It has little to do with the 2200 having only two blacks, that is more a question of apparent grain (peppering) and or transitions smoothness.

QTR is an excellent choice for both the 4000 and 21/2200 and the prints are not bad at all using this.

Otherwise, one can make a curve in Photoshop that counter corrects the color shifts but there will be unavoidable crossovers. That is where I'm at with the HP 9180, which is slightly better than the 2200 but far worse than the 2400 K3 inks for B&W neutrality. The nice thing is on matte paper, using the MK , then the grey only inks makes sense as no additional composite color ink supplements are necessary to maintain Dmax.
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