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Re: Why not use P-mode?

Thanks for the response!

I am aware of P mode and the reason I don't like to use it is two fold:

The first (and silliest reason) is that it just plain bothers me that there is an auto setting that is basically broken. It basically seems to me a large part of the cameras supposed functionality simply isn't functional and (I guess you would call the the OCD) part of me wants it working as it should. Especially considering this hasn't been a problem in previous cameras (Canon and otherwise) that I have owned that were much lower end (and had no IS - which would make you think THOSE would be the ones to err in favor of high ISO to compensate for no IS).

The second (and real reason) is that I did buy this camera in large part for a P&S and as such I don't want to have to worry about ISO settings. While I am aware I can set P to be whatever ISO I want, I don't want to even have to do that. In simple situations (decent lighting, nothing odd like shooting out through a window etc) I want the camera to just do it's job: Take a decent shot.

I want to be able to hand the camera over to someone who doesn't know cameras without having to worry what ISO I left it at... isn't that the point of a point and shoot? It makes all the decisions for you?

It bothers me that what is aguably near the top of Canons consumer line of cameras fails to perform such a simple task, and not even through lack of ability (I understand this many pixels on such a small sensor is asking for noise in many situations, but when it's possible to get a shot with no noise, it really should).

Anyhow, that's my very long winded answer as to why I don't use P mode... As small an issue as setting one thing (ISO) on a camera with as many settings as the S3IS has would seem, it's 1 more than I want to have to worry about, especially when the camera is entirely capable of doing what I want of it, it was just programmed not to.

Divalent wrote:

CHDK currently won't allow you to limit the ISO range in the auto

But I am curious why you don't use P-mode. Its nearly the same.

P-mode allows you to set the ISO, but still lets the camera to set
the exposure and aperture. It also gives to access to more controls
(although you can leave them in auto mode if you want; like the white
balance control, ISO, etc).

Other than a test shot, I don't know if I actually ever used auto mode.

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